Chronic physical pain

Updated: Jun 9

Can your chronic physical pain have an emotional cause?

My friend and client came to me saying she has been suffering from severe shoulder pain for the last 5 months.

She has tried everything she could think of.

Massage therapy, different forms of physical therapy, rest, mild exercise, energy healing, diet changes... and nothing seemed to work.

When she came to me she was pretty frustrated and had almost given up hope.

"Maybe I'm compensating because my other shoulder is damaged. Maybe surgery is my only solution left"

I intuitively knew this is not the solution to her problem. The issue was different and we had to keep looking.

In any case, we went into her Akashic Records and started digging for what was the cause of her chronic pain and what would be a solution to her problem.

It quickly became clear that the actual cause was emotional baggage carried from her relationship to her ex-husband. She was hesitant to believe it, as according to her, she was pretty sure she had released whatever needed to be released from that relationship. It's been so many years anyway.

But, as we kept working on it, more and more emotions and thoughts and feeling came up to the surface. There was still a lot in buried in the subconscious.

After we released what was coming up, she felt relief and a new sense of hope coming in. “Let's see if that will actually have an effect on the physical pain! “

2 weeks later, we met again.

"My shoulder feels 90% better!" was the first thing she mentioned. I was very happy and relieved, but not surprised. Why? Because, I have seen it happening many many times.

When emotional and mental pain are not addressed (noticed, healed and released deeply) they WILL eventually become physical pain (inflammation, disease etc).

When the emotions and thoughts are not being felt and acknowledged they will change form but will not disappear. They are Energy and Energy changes forms.

Fortunately, we have many many tools to be able to go deep into the subconscious and find those causes. No matter how deep we have buried them.

I love all the healing tools I use and work with, as I've seen them dramatically change the quality of lives of the people I work with.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Written by Anastasia Salihou


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